11 | Cure Your Hangover With This Ultimate Prevention Method

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Never Wake Up With A Hangover Again!


Happy New Year!


On this podcast episode you’ll discover the ultimate hangover cure. A little hint.. it’s prevention.


You’ll learn a simple hangover prevention method that will leave you hangover-free without giving up your favorite booze!


Here’s the ultimate hangover cure, prevention method:


— Increase your body’s glutathione levels before drinking alcohol by taking supplements


— Eat a high fat, high protein, low carb meal before drinking alcohol


— Drink in moderation


— Try to stick to clearer liquors


— Consume water throughout the night


— Snack on avocados or almonds


— Take activated charcoal capsules before passing out


— Consume water with himalayan sea salt in it, first thing in the morning


— Drink coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil


— Enjoy your hangover-free day!


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