10 | Q & A, New Years, Milestones And A Look Back

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Let’s Reminisce Over 10 Episodes of The Burn Off Your Beer Belly Podcast!


You’ll get answers to some burnin’ hot questions along with a little reminiscing over our first 9 podcast episodes.


You’ll learn how to keep burning fat after you feel that you’ve plateaued, how to eat healthy food even when you are exhausted, how the cholesterol and egg connection is mostly a big myth, why light dressing does not make your salads healthy and how to be healthy when eating out at fast food restaurants.


You’ll also discover what some of our favorite non-real wholesome foods are, what foods we indulge on occasion.


Here are the 5 questions we answer on this podcast episode:


1 | My friends I hang out with the most always want to go to the nearest fast food joint, like Taco Bell, In And Out or Carl’s Jr. Even if they don’t want to go to those places they want to go to a restaurant like Applebees or Buffalo Wild Wings. I don’t want to make them mad by suggesting not going out to eat, plus we always have fun. How can I make better choices at these places?


2 | I hat salads, and I hate them with light dressing on them – But I do love them with tons of ranch on them. Is eating a salad covered in ranch healthy enough or do I have to use light dressing?


3 | I’ve heard that eggs are high in cholesterol, should I stop eating them? Or should I only eat the whites?


4 | When I get home at night from work I’m exhausted and hungry. I don’t feel like cooking healthy food. What do I do?


5 | I’ve lost 17lbs over the last two months but I think I’m stuck. How do I get back to losing weight, I’m not doing anything different than when I lost it.


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